Autism Sessions

Most of the time when we see a child happily bouncing up and down on a trampoline we understand they’re enjoying themselves. But, did you know that trampolines are a valuable tool for improving the lives and behaviours of children with autism?

This common tool for exercise is growing in popularity in special education programmes around the country. Children with special needs often need a practical approach to tasks in order to focus. Parents, teachers and carers need to be creative when considering new methods of engagement for little ones who need a little extra attention. Using trampolines to keep your child entertained is a healthy alternative to jumping on your furniture (not so productive). They love the thrill of rebounding off the mat, skyrocketing into mid-air and we love that they’re using up their seemingly endless energy. Here are some of the benefits trampolining can bring an autistic child:

Safety first: Because of the chance of erratic behaviour, some parents consider additional safety features a must. It’s important that before playtime you place the trampoline in an area that’s free of any dangerous objects. Extreme air’s safety net is the perfect enclosure for an overactive child, with high quality netting this prevents any accidental falls. We recommend that all special needs individuals are supervised at all times.

What makes this session different?

  • The number of participants is halved
  • The music is turned down
  • A parent/carer can enter the arena FREE of charge with every participant and are encouraged to come on to the trampoline arena


Just select the date you'd like to visit, then choose what time you'd like your session to start. After that, simply choose any extras you need, then pop through to the checkout and start getting excited!

Important! All bookings are non-refundable, so please choose your date and time carefully and ensure the number of persons being booked is correct.

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